Here’s the Back Story to my new book “BLINK: The Quadrature Theory of Everything!”

Early Intention

When I was 14, me and my friend Kim spent hours examining the night sky with a small refractor telescope thinking about the Apollo Mission and Kubric’s 2001 Space Odyssey. We wanted to be astronauts so bad! But I had coke bottle bottoms for glasses, and I was the original geek: Space flight was out of the question. Nevertheless, I promised myself then and there that I would find out how the whole Universe worked, everything! That was my mission on Earth! Little did I know that I would have to sacrifice everything to complete my quest…

From The Surf VideoThat year Kim gave me Brunner’s SciFi novel, “The Long Result.” It became a symbol, for me, of my “unbending intent.” I soon became an expert on lasers, according to The Great Books Special Edition. The next edition featured Einstein’s original paper on Special Relativity. It made some sense to me since I had been doing deductive proofs since l was 12 years old. l never studied very hard at school, but I was the first one in my family to graduate from high school, ever!

Insight of a Horseman

My father was a horse whisperer (the last of, long before Redford made it cool). He dropped out of school in Grade 10 against his mother’s wishes to work in the horse barns at Assiniboia Downs. He didn’t want me to hamper my learning with university; we couldn’t afford it either. So I went to techical school and studied Electrical Engineering. NAIT was filled with vocational kids who got their kicks from zapping me with 3 Phase 600 Volts DC. I was such a brainy geek to them. After a year, I decided that I already knew much more than they could teach me.

Experience is the Real Teacher

So I joined Kodak Canada as a Service Engineer. I was pretty good at electronics by then, but when I scored 96% in Mechanical Aptitude the Regional Manager hired me on the spot. In a year, I was Field Supervisor for Northern Alberta. In those days we were trouble shooting to the component, so when a friend suggested that we build a computer I was “on it” in a flash. Our prototype starred the newly released Intel 8086 (forerunner of the popular 2-3-4-586 series of chips), an inline 18 pin, 8-bit chip. Our electronic brain wasn’t pretty, but it was COOL!

Since then I have been a Software Engineer for Alberta Agriculture and the National Research Council, a Railroad Administrator, a Private Entrepreneur, a Blues Musician, a School Teacher & Night School Instructor, plus a Professor of Operations Research and Statistics. Determined to fulfill my potential, I designed my university experience based on the Liberal Education Model used in the Great Books. Now I hold combined degrees in Economics, Religious Studies, English Literature, and Secondary Science & Mathematics Education. In addition, I have written a 200 page dissertation about the Impact of American Hegemony on China, and a 100 page linear optimization of the Theory of Data Envelopment Analysis, which includes (rather than ignores) the Undesirable Externalities that now plague the environment, and that hamper the further development of humanity. For these I was awarded my Master’s Degree and finally my Doctor of Philosophy, respectively, with distinction. All this means really is that I am well qualified as an interdisciplinary scholar, like Copernicus was and all Renaissance scholars had to be. But now there is so much more to learn! This is so exciting because, for the first time in history, we have a vantage point that can  link all the various disciplines into an underlying whole. That is the goal of BLINK, the Quadrature Theory of Everything.

Return to the Task

As my studies have progressed, my insight has improved. I have the confidence now to assert a well thought out hypothesis that unifies Physics and Metaphysics into a bonafide Theory of Everything. It’s not just a FIX for the impasse between Quantum Mechanics and Relativity. Quadrature Theory is much more. It has two aspects: one physical and one metaphysical, or Socio-Spiritual if you wish. It is a synthesis of what humanity has learned about nature and itself over the past 10,000 years or so. My hope is that it will stand as a springboard for integrating all modes of thought, spiritual and technological while propelling mankind beyond its residue of pre-human instincts and territorial materialism, into a fully “humane” future.

2013-10-22 14.03.42-1The Heart of Awareness

Also of prime importance to my own development and the evolution of Q Theory is my background in meditation. I have lived and trained in the Orient as a Vipassana Meditator for over a decade, and practiced various contemplative forms for three decades before this. With well over 10,000 hours of actual sitting meditation practice, I am now an advanced practitioner. This means that I know first-hand what the mind can do. When properly trained, the mind is the most sensitive and penetrating research instrument there is, or ever will be! The development of Quadrature comes from this level of understanding.

Life’s Greatest Gift

In addition, I am the proud father of three brilliant daughters: The first is a writer /composer; the second is a gymnast /dancer; and the third is an actress /singer. So now perhaps you can understand why the only thing that is left for me to do is to share my “Long Result” with YOU! Let’s see what you can do with it???

BTW: My old pal Kim has been flying 747’s for the last 30 years, Lucky Dog! And as it turns out, my father was right: institutional learning is only the shadow of the real thing! He is still one of the most intelligent and “well-educated” people I have met!