BLINK: The Theory of Quadrature

As mentioned, this is a book about physics and metaphysics, and in a healthy system one should inform the other. Not really what Scientific American says though: “Physics is dragging philosophy back on track. People want to understand reality, no matter how loudly they deny that.”

True, people do wish to understand, but pure materialism is not the world they see. This is why they loudly protest because they are losing faith in both science and religion. Scientists are skeptical as well because many factors are pushing physics back toward metaphysics, though most hate to admit it.

There is nothing elegant about a theory that gets more and more complex, and less and less understandable. There has been a long quest in physics for a “theory of everything,” a unifying theory ( To E ), but it still confounds the best minds to find it, despite more than 80 years of research. At this juncture, we must conclude that the early underpinnings of Relativity and Quantum Mechanics are wrong or, at the very least, incorrectly formulated.

The proposition that I make is that neither space, nor time, nor spin are correctly understood in Physics. Space is assumed to be expanding to accommodate Hubble; Time is assumed to be ubiquitous and passing at a fixed rate; and Spin is assumed to be concentrated at a point-center with no special properties to consider. These assumptions then lead to the device of fixing the speed of light as a limit using the Lorenz Transformation formulas.

Quadrature Theory develops Space from an internal principle called Quadrature. Time is generated from the same principle. This analysis reveals what Space and Time are, and how they were created without a Big Bang. The characteristics of origin of Time then give rise to the special properties of spin that ultimately explain Gravity, the Weak and Strong Forces, three Orders of Energy, and other mysterious quantum features that Physics imbues with mathematical cloaking, but ultimately misunderstands.

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