God’s Quantum Trilogy

Three books make up the Trilogy: An Introduction, A Technical Work, and A Synthesis Work on living the Ramifications of Quadrature Theory.

Book I – Unifying Physics, Faith and Awareness

Physics, of course, seeks to find the physical origin of things and since the Renaissance started from scratch to do so. Before this time there were too many metaphysical sources given as the cause for physical phenomena. The success of science has lead to the Philosophical Materialism that dominates research today. Such topics as Life, Thought and Awareness are too insubstantial for such inquiries; scientific method requires too many assumptions to make any headway with these concepts.

In the East, however, research using meditation and mental concentration were found to penetrate the mysteries of both the physical and metaphysical realms ages before the development of a materialist philosophy in the West. Western Religion focused on creating the template for authoritarian societies making God the supreme Purveyor of Power. Thus this philosophy also excluded Life, Thought and Awareness from being properly studied or understood.

Welcome to the Age of Clarification, which follows neatly on the coat tails of the Information Age and its dual, the Age of Disinformation, now solidly disestablished! Unifying Physics, Faith and Awareness attempts to lay out the real arguments without their vested interest: Not the vested interest of Religion to make God the Creator, not the vested interest of Science to make Math the Creator. Rather Awareness is the Creator, and It always has been!

We are not the Random Fluke of a Dead Universe?

The statistical position of Science postulates that Life arises “accidentally” from inanimate matter, and that Awareness is a random effect due to perception. In layman’s terms, Science says that YOU are a Random Fluke of Nature? If you find this hard to accept, you are joined by the majority of Spiritual People of all Religions. And by a lot of Atheists and Scientists as well.

Yet, if God did not make humankind, and if we are not just a Statistical Accident, then how did Life arise? The Quadrature Theorem, the mechanism of God’s Quantum, closes the gap between Physics and Faith by proposing that Awareness is the fundamental pre-existent state of the Universe. From this state come both the Religious Concepts of God, and the Scientific Concepts of the Quantum Field.

What is the Mystery of Mysteries?

It is Awareness, of course, but where does it come from? Awareness is everywhere. Just look in the mirror! Awareness is looking out at you… Awareness resides within inanimate matter too. In fact, Awareness IS “The Mystery” that neither Science nor Religion can explain. Everything flows from Awareness and follows one simple principle called Quadrature!

Book I of God’s Quantum Trilogy takes you on a deep journey into what makes the Universe tick. By re-uniting the impetus for Science with the impetus for Religion, we approach a balanced understanding. From here it is possible to develop the Fabric of the Universe from scratch using Quadrature.


Book II – BLINK: The Theory of Quadrature

When math is used to formalize our knowledge we call it Science. That is natural, but Science in the last half of the 20th Century and until now has taken to casting Science in the image of its mathematics. This is ass-backwards, it puts the oxcart before the mule. The reason why Science does this is because it can predict a temperature or tensile strength with a mathematical model quite accurately without knowing exactly what’s what. But the smaller or larger the observation the fuzzier the understanding gets.

There is one principle that unites both viewpoints, the very large and the very small. As you have guessed it is Quadrature. But why is this so? And what exactly is Quadrature? As a unifying principle, Quadrature must be able to be stripped bare. Only at a most pure level can it be fully understood. And when we eliminate everything- Time, Space and everything they include, we are left with Nothing At All. It is only from here that a Universe can be created by a single principle.


Book III – From Magick to Reason and Back: A Personal Guide


FAQs about The Trilogy:

  1. The God’s Quantum Trilogy shows our direct connection to the Quantum Field of Awareness.
  2. Learn how our Creative Capabilities are identical to those of the Universe itself.
  3. Learn how and why the Quantum Field is filled with Awareness.
  4. Investigate the step-by-step Creation of the Universe out of Nothing-At-All.
  5. Realize how our Highest Potential is aligned with the Inner Purpose of the Universe.
  6. Find out how to Unlock and Control that Potential using the Quadrature Theorem.

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